About us

We have provided our customer with the best service to maintain the fleet operating and minimize ground time. We carry 5,000 items in serviceable condition based on customers' needs.

Our Goal

To provide the best service to our customers by understanding and fulfilling their needs. Superior excellence and reliability distinguishes us from our competitors.

Our Purpose

Xtreme was created by a group of airlines to expedite the logistics and procurement process to provide the best product with the best response time and the least downtime.

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Alpha Logo

Our technical partner Alpha Turbine Aviation Technology

More than 25 years of experience in the repair station and airline operation, providing the best quality products while satisfying our operators.
Alpha Turbine Aviation Technology


The History of Our Quality

Alpha was created by a group of airlines to perform analysis and maximize the quality and reliability of the rotables for the airlines.
We have achieved a premium product by working together with our engineers and our customers’ engineering departments, performing maintenance based aircraft operations.